Below are some of the highly talented organizations that help us to provide a great experience for our players. Please take a moment to check out their websites and social media links!

The Happy Halfling Painting Workshop

The best thing I can say about the Happy Halfling Painting Workshop is their impeccable attention to detail and their relentless pursuit of perfection. More then that though is their commitment to customer service even after the piece has been painted. Every piece that the Happy Halfling Painting Workshop is commissioned for comes with their guarantee that any chips, scrapes or simple touch-ups needed through general wear and tear are done absolutely free of charge for life! . Each job is done professionally and in a timely manner, but hey a picture is worth a thousand words so just check out our live stream or our Facebook page to see examples of their exquisite work.

Mythicos Studios

Mythicos Studios is THE premiere destination for tabletop and card gaming events as well as a creative hub for live stream producers. They offer a full studio including multiple cameras capable of moving horizontally and vertically as well as an overhead angle achieved through their remote camera track systems giving online content makers all the tools they need to create visceral and immersive entertainment for their viewers. And their tabletop gaming floor is just as impressive with a bevy of gaming tables and terrain at the full disposal of their members 7 days a week and a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. With a great community and welcoming environment for both new players and veterans alike; Mythicos Studios is a place we at Nerdbauchery are proud to call "Home."

Located in the beautiful New Jersey Shore.


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